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Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program’s has implemented the new Expression of Interest system for its Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand sub-categories.

There is a choice of three SINP categories you can apply to. You will also have to complete the federal application forms at the same time.

  • International Skilled Worker Category is for skilled workers abroad who want to work and live in Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan Experience Category is for foreign nationals who are currently living and working in Saskatchewan.
  • Entrepreneur Category is for entrepreneurs who plan to start a business in Saskatchewan.
  • Farm Category is for experienced farmers who plan to buy and operate a farm in Saskatchewan.

The move to an Expression of Interest (EOI) system brings an end to the first-come, first-served model that Saskatchewan had used for these two International Skilled Worker sub-categories, which shut the door to many qualified applicants who couldn’t get their applications in on time.

Saskatchewan selects the eligible immigration candidates from the Federal Express Entry Pool and invites them to apply for a provincial nomination.

Process for Applying to the SINP

  • Review the Application Guide in each category or sub-category, for instructions on how to complete your application. The guide contains all the information you'll need for this.
  • Obtain all the supporting documents we ask for. For a detailed description, please see the Supporting Documents section of your Application Guide.
  • Complete the needed federal forms and any other federal forms that apply to your situation.
  • Review and organize your completed forms and supporting documents to make sure you have a complete application package.

Those who score at least 60 points on Saskatchewan’s assessment grid, and satisfy other eligibility requirements, are entered into its pool of candidates for either the Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand sub-category and select candidates are invited to apply for a provincial nomination through regular draws.

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