LMIA Canada

So as to solve shortage of knowledge and skills, ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) opened the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Canadian Employer needs to apply LMIA before hiring a foreign worker. Employer must submit an application to the ESDC through the Service Canada Centre to assess whether hiring a foreign worker would have a positive or negative impact on Canada. A positive LMIA confirmation letter shows there are no suitable Canadian workers can do the job and foreign workers are required to fill vacancies.

ESDC assessment focus on different factors to determine if an employer can hire a temporary worker from overseas, such as work environment, salary, labour market conditions, and corporate credit. Canadian employer needs to provide a series of document, such as company registration documents, tax file, commercial lease agreement, and potential employee personal information. Recruitment must be published at least three months before applying LMIA, and it is must continue to be published before employer receive LMIA. Employer must use three or more types of recruitment, such as online, magazines, and job fair. Recruitment content needs to be included: company name, office address, job title, job responsibilities, employment period, salary. Company welfare, work place, and contact information. Once the LMIA approved, the workers can apply work permit. The workers need to provide job offer letter, employment contract, LMIA copy and LMIA number.

A positive LMIA can help workers to apply permanent resident through Express Entry.A valid job offer must be supported by a LMIA, which means applicants can gain more points in the CRS. If an applicant’s work permit is almost expired and his CRS points is lower than the minimal requirement. He can considering ask his employer to help him apply LMIA to support his work permit application. Applicant needs to negotiate with his employer. Employer also need enough time to prepare all the required time and submit the application to ESDC. There are five categories under the system: high-wage, low wage, Primary Agricultural Stream, Highest-demand, highest-paid or shortest-duration, and live-in caregiver program. Wages rate depends on higher or lower than the median wage in a province. The LMIA progressing time depends on differ Current Average LMIA processing time:

Application Type Progressing Time
Global Talent Stream 10 Business Days
Agricultural stream 30 Business Days
Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program 15 Business Days
Permanent residence stream 40 Business Days
In-home caregivers 25 Business Days
High-wage stream 85 Business Days
Low-wage stream 128 Business Days

rent categories and application fee is $1,000 for each worker.

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