– Student Health Insurance

Health insurance policies vary from province to province.

Students planning to study in Canada should research the availability of insurance in their intended province of study. Oftentimes, in cases where provincial health insurance is not available, students are required to purchase private insurance. This can often be done through their school in Canada.

Below is a handy chart for students to compare and contrast health insurance policies across provinces:

Province Are Students Eligible? Basic Requirements Other Important Information
Alberta Yes Minimum 12 month study permit

Minimum 12 month residence in AB

Must apply for coverage

Holders of study permits for more than 3, less than 12 months may be eligible. Must show intent to reside in AB for minimum 12 months.

Students under 18 must be added to a parent or guardian’s insurance.

Must apply within 90 days of arrival in AB.

British Columbia Yes Minimum 6 month study permit Coverage begins after 3 months.
Manitoba Yes Minimum 6 month study permit

Minimum 6 month residency per calendar year

New Brunswick No
Newfoundland and Labrador Yes Minimum 12 month study permit Coverage is effective as of date of enrollment in full-time post-secondary program.
Northwest Territories Yes Minimum 12 month study permit
Nova Scotia No
Ontario No Most ON universities participate in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP). International students at participating institutions must enrol in this plan, unless otherwise exempted.
Prince Edward Island No
Quebec No, with exceptions Students from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal and Sweden may be eligible due to bilateral agreements between QC and their country.

Some student scholarships in Quebec include provision of health insurance.

Saskatchewan Yes Study permit and proof of full-time enrollment
Yukon No